Awesomeness YOUniversity

This is a brainstorm by our very own Chad DeWolf to give recognition to teachers who are doing creative, replicable things in their classrooms with technology and at the same time have a database of best practice to spark your imaginations. Now nothing is in there yet as we just started, but I want you to check this feature out regularly. It is located on the new website at . Click Awesomeness YOUniversity to apply for your 15 minutes of fame or read about other teachers in the district.

September 5, 2008
Cindy Alexander & Marita Keane - Fowler Drive Elementary

We had our first participants in our podcast! Cindy and Marita spoke about their Morning Meeting rituals and routines and how they managed the class in the morning. There students are fourth graders, however, this podcast will relate to K-12 teachers. Please check out what they had to say! Click here to hear.